BIGO Users

This page is for BIGO users and other Live streamers who need flyers for events/other services. If you need specialized logos, flyers and/or content ideas, I am available to help. Please be mindful of time of event and how soon you will need any digital items. Allow at least 1-2 weeks in advance if planning an events. Content creation time vary and require consultation. Payments accepted via CashApp or PayPal. Prices are listed below:

Digital Products

Basic Event or Logo (Single): $5

Basic Event and Logo: $10

Triple Set: 3 Flyers: $15

Logo with 3 Flyers: $20

Package Deal: 5 for $25

Logo with 5 Flyers: $30

Over 6- Email for Quote

Content Creation Services

Consultation: $10 up to 1 Hour

Content Creation Package: 1 Logo, 1 week Promo to Bar/Community, 1 Flyer for Event: $20